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Russia Bringing in Foreign Fighters

We need to warn you some of the images and subject matter in this next story on the war in Ukraine are extremely graphic and may be hard to hear or see

At this hour Russia has now completely moved all of its staged combat power into Ukraine and the Russian military is increasing bombardments on major Ukrainian cities.

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations says it’s clear Russian President Vladimir Putin has a plan to destroy and terrorize Ukraine and is warning that the world needs to be prepared for a very long and very difficult road ahead.

Cole Higgins has the latest.

Bodies lie amongst the rubble of bombed buildings..

Russia’s relentless onslaught of lethal military strikes have turned once peaceful Ukrainian neighborhoods into a horrifying hellscape..

“The world is haunted by these images of homes, hospitals, schools, orphanages being destroyed, demolished in front of our eyes. Child cancer patients unable to receive chemotherapy, babies delivered in basements instead of maternity wards and hundreds of thousands of civilians without access to electricity or drinking water to stay alive.”

“No one in Europe expected to see this happening again after what happened in World War 2.”

Despite persistent attacks by Russian forces. The Pentagon says they believe Russia hasn’t made the progress it thought it would in taking over Ukraine..

“They are having morale problems, they are having supply problems, they are having fuel problems, they are having food problems, they are meeting a very stiff and determined Ukrainian resistance.”

The Pentagon believes Russian forces are now seeking to recruit foreign fighters, including Syrians, to aid in their deadly invasion…

“It’s interesting that Mr. Putin would have to find himself relying on foreign fighters here. Who they’re gonna be, how many they’re getting, what they’re gonna pay them, all of that we don’t have perfect visibility on.”

I’m Cole Higgins reporting.

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