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Rural Hospital Help

The acting health secretary unveiled some new options for Pennsylvania hospitals that want to improve access to care

As some hospitals struggle to care for everyone in their communities.

That’s right. Some rural hospitals are especially feeling the pinch. These options rolled out Today hope to ease the burden on many of these hospitals.

The Department Of Health says that the optional delivery models include establishing micro hospitals, tele emergency departments, and outpatient emergency departments.

These will all be subject to eligibility criteria including patient volume, geographic location, minimum staffing and services.

But acting Health Secretary Keara Klinepeter says these are far from new ideas

“The Department wants to support innovative ideas, to ensure that we are keeping pace with the changes in the healthcare landscape. Now, some of these ideas that we’re promulgating today aren’t necessarily new.”

“But it’s our goal to make it clear to our hospitals and health systems that these are options that are in front of them, and if they want to pursue these innovative care delivery options”

“That they can and we’re being transparent with them about how they can do that within the existing regulatory framework.”

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