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Ross Retrial Update

Today was day two of the retrial of convicted murderer Paul Ross in Blair County, featuring more testimonies regarding the nearly 20-year-old case of Tina Miller’s murder. Dylan Huberman has more from Hollidaysburg.

Paul Ross sat mostly idle today as more testimony was brought forth in the case against him, where his first conviction secured him a life sentence.

Yesterday the retrial of Paul Ross, who was originally found guilty of criminal homicide back in 2005, featured mostly witness testimony.

That testimony included some graphic photographic material of the then 2004 crime scene at Canoe Creek State Park, where Miller’s body was discovered by a boater.

Today, continued with that expert testimony from two state troopers, who were responsible for the photography and collection of evidence, one trooper was deemed an expert on the collection of forensic evidence, though was not deemed an expert on testing the evidence for DNA after both sides approached the bench.

Their testimony revolved around the collection of beer bottles found around the scene and near Miller’s body, which were purchased by Ross the night of the incident and may have been involved in her trauma, and two different sets of footprints that were found on the path leading down to the boat launch where miller’s body was found.

Remember, this retrial is the result of a panel declaring in 2011 that Ross’s defense team wasn’t given enough time to build their case. We expect to hear more testimony tomorrow.

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