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Ross Re-Trial Week 2

Monday kicked off Week 2 of the Paul Ross Re-Trail at the Blair County Courthouse. Ross was originally convicted in 2005 for Tina Miller’s murder.

On Monday, Miller’s Family was in the Courtroom where Miller’s eldest Sister, Susan, took the stand. She confirmed that Tina did not own a cell phone and therefore could not call for a ride home that night as Ross had claimed at the time.

In addition, the Testimony of Doctor Saralee Funke was read. Funke was the Forensic Pathologist that performed Miller’s Autopsy from the initial trial back in 2005. Her Testimony revealed that a beer bottle with a cap still attached could have produced the injuries to Miller that she found during the examination.

There were also scratches on Miller’s leg, which Funke admitted are consistent with drag marks down the boat launch that the Prosecution presented last week during a Boater’s Testimony. The Boater testified that they found Miller’s body floating in the water. Doctor Funke‚Äôs Testimony was later corroborated by fellow Forensic Pathologist and former colleague Doctor Samuel Land, as well as State Trooper Craig Grassmyer, who was present for the Autopsy.

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