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Rookie Pat Freiermuth

Wise, beyond his years, Steelers rookie tight end Pat Freiermuth, Penn State product, has a short memory that’s a great quality for a rookie who continues to gain the respect of his team in just his first season as a pro is costly fumble late in overtime against Detroit.

He held the Steelers from the opportunity to take game-winning game winning field goal and instead forced the black and gold to settle for a tie against the winless Lions. Undoubtedly the worst team in football frame this can keep had I continued to improve on what’s already been a stellar start to his first year as a professional.

“Yeah. Obviously, the 24 hour rule, you know, obviously it’s not going to happen and, you know, after the games, stuff like that, but you know, my parents have been great and everyone in my corner have been great and you know, guys on team, you know, I think they they were awesome after the game of locker room and coming up to me and making sure everything was OK and stuff like that. But, you know, I just got flushed. Learn from it and move on.”

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