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Richland Twp. Remains Update

The skeletal remains found in the woods of Cambria County earlier this week in a news conference this morning.

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees revealing that the remains belonged to an elderly man who had been missing for about five months.

Nicole Fushino has more. The skeletal remains found here along an Oak Ridge drive in Richland Township have been identified.

“This was a very complex case.”

County Coroner Jeff Lees identified the remains as 80 year old David Simon of the Somerset County area.

“He was reported missing by family in October of 2021. The last contact that we know of was in the Johnstown area around April of 2021. He did have a medical history and also a
pattern, according to the family of disappearing for months at a time, and that was not unusual for him.”

Officials say the remains were discovered around 11:00 in the morning on Monday by somebody walking through the woods collecting cans and bottles.

“The individuals walk through the woods, came over to the police station and from their demeanor, you could tell they had seen something.”

After mapping up a crime scene and treating it as a suspicious death, Lee says the autopsy revealed there was no trauma or foul play.

“So we were very thankful that there is no indication of that. I hope that gives the family some peace.”

He says this investigation has been a collaborative effort between state, county and local teams, which led to an emotional conclusion for the family.

“I can’t imagine the agony of having a missing person for a period of time, so hopefully there’s some closure.”

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