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Richland School District Sets Sports Attendance

Schools across our region are making changes to the number of spectators allowed at school events.

Starting Today, Richland School District will allow up to a 50 percent capacity at outdoor sporting events and up to 30 percent capacity during indoor extracurricular activities.

The PIAA says, Governor Wolf’s gathering limitations are not mandatory at to moment, meaning schools can make their own decision on the number of fans allowed at events.

This comes after a judge ruled Wolf’s administration failed to show irreparable harm will occur if gathering size limits were not followed.

Now, Richland will allow up to 850 spectators at stadium events. But these changes in spectators affect more than just football games.

“This doesn’t just apply to athletics. This applies to our three A’s: the academics, the arts and also athletics. So, we are going to be doing these procedures indoors with our sports center, gymnasium. That will be up to 300 spectators including students, fans and things like that That will also be for our auditorium as well, the Richland performing arts center.”

Other school districts increasing their attendence rules are Westmont, North Star, Berlin, and Portage.

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