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Richland School District Health Plan

And Richland School District released its new health and safety plan for the upcoming school year this week.

The school board approved the plan Monday night.

Going into the school year no students, faculty or visitors will be required to wear masks anymore.

School officials say they won’t have the remote option that students had last year.

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms, physical distancing when possible and other hygiene practices will continue.

“We had no problem doing the plan. We wanted to get it done before the end of July, because we don’t have a board meet. So we were able to get it done based on guidance from the Department of Ed, the Department of Health, and the pandemic coordinating team.”

“I think last year’s plan, there really wasn’t a template. It was everybody’s first go around with the pandemic”

School officials say this new plan allows for changes as the year goes on if needed.

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