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Richland School District COVID Protocols

The Richland School District announced today it’s going to be reverting back to voluntary mask wearing on campus and changes are going to be made to the schools quarantining process.

So with a voluntary mask wearing, the superintendent says the district will likely experience an increase in students identified as close contacts.

But in an effort to keep the students in the classroom, the district will permit students who are identified as close contacts but are not experiencing COVID symptoms to remain in school for in-person learning.

Those identified as close contacts also have the opportunity to quarantine at home for five days, though the students guardians are then to contact the school nurse any students who are required to quarantine or to complete their assignments at home.

Any student who is unable to access coursework remotely is asked to notify the building’s principal, and the district will encourage all students who are identified as close contacts to monitor for any symptoms, as well as to obtain a COVID test within five to seven days of initial exposure.

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