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Revive Pennsylvania

An Organization in Clearfield County is finding ways to help Pennsylvanians who are dealing with Personal and Financial struggles. Dan Kennard, Executive Director/Co-Founder of Revive Pennsylvania says he started this nonprofit organization in June. Kennard saying: “We choose to focus on internal needs that people in our community are struggling through.”

Kennard says their goal is to help people figure out the why and to help them progress in life. Whether it’s finding employment, achieving personal goals or fighting addiction, he hopes to provide life changing resources to the community. Kennard adding: “Can we help them with a budgeting class maybe it’s a job on writing a resume so that they can get a job.”

While people’s needs will vary, Kennard says this non-profit organization is a need in our community. Kennard, in closing: “I started to really notice though that often I would see needs that would need to be met with families that I work with kids that I work with that there aren’t non-profits that face those issues.”

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