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Restrictions Eased Today

Governor Wolf announced the planned expansion of indoor capacity at restaurants and bars to 75% several weeks ago. Today, that plan became reality.

More people can go out to grab a drink or get a bite to eat at bars and restaurants in State College, and Penn State students aren’t scared to go out.

“Yup, so I definitely feel comfortable going to them,” said Matt Solomon, a junior at Penn State. “I think right now, a lot of people have been vaccinated, and I think all the restaurants and bars are still going to be following guidelines, where they space people out and where people are going to be wearing masks when they’re not at their tables, so I personally feel comfortable going out.”

Restaurants and bars have been open in State College and across the state, but now bar service can return, you can have a drink without ordering food, and capacity can increase to 75%which we haven’t seen in a year.

With more vaccines available across the state, Solomon feels it’s safe to go out again he says this expansion was a necessary lifeline for local businesses.

“It’ll definitely be really good for the local economy,” he said. “I think a lot of places have really struggled this year just because they haven’t been able to be at capacity and there hasn’t been any tourism. These bars and restaurants definitely need this help.”

Despite the recent rise in COVID cases across the state, Solomon believes this expansion won’t cause cases to spike further…so long as safety isn’t taken for granted.

“If the restaurants and bars are still strict with their restrictions, enforce mask wearing when they’re not at tables, and spread people out, then I don’t really think it’ll have an effect on the covid numbers.”

Moving personal services facilities, gyms, and entertainment centers such as casinos, theaters and malls have also jumped to 75% capacity today.

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