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Restaurant Capacity Increase

Governor Tom Wolf is allowing restaurants to now increase capacity. After weeks of pleas from Pennsylvanians, Governor Tom Wolf has relented and is allowing for restaurants to return to 50% indoor capacity later this month. The Wolf Administration has stated that restaurants must adhere to strict public health and safety guidelines and orders through a self-certification. Restaurants that self-certify will show up in the open & certified Pennsylvania online database. Customers will be able to access this information to be able to make the decision on to visit the restaurant or not.

According to the Wolf Administration, restaurants that serve alcohol will have to stop selling alcoholic beverages at 10 pm. The Administration said that this rule mainly surfaced because of the rise of Coronavirus cases in ages 19-24. Bars that don’t serve food are still closed. Restaurants will be able to increase indoor capacity to 50% starting on September 21st.

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