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Remembering Amanda Boring

Yesterday Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees identified the victim of Friday night’s murder suicide as 37 year old Amanda Boring.

Today, Nicole Fuschino spoke with friends of Boring to see how they’re keeping her memory alive.

37-Year-old Amanda Boring was shot and killed Friday night and Today I spoke with her friend who is grieving her loss and says Amanda didn’t deserve this.

“She was just a great person.”

Rob Barmoy wants to look back at the good times he had with Amanda Boring.

“One day she could be in heels and a prom gown, and the next day, she could be on a quad head to toe in mud.

A beloved friend and a great mom to her boys.

“Kids came first. It was always about her kids.”

“She joked and she said I’m a mom of boys. And she was.”

But it’s hard for Rob not to think about the weeks leading up to her death late Friday night, which investigators say came after her ex-boyfriend William Yarina shot her in the street after he rear ended her car.

“She constantly was getting harassment, threats, and different types of texts, to the amount of 40 or 50 a day.”

“She told me, he never hit me, he never threatened me per-say, until now.”

Rob says they had broken up a year ago 2 weeks ago and says Amanda came to his house with concerns.

“She came to me with concerns that Bill was going to kill her. She mentioned, he’s going to kill me, Rob.”

“She asked me to take her to the police. I did.”‘

Rob says the police told Amanda she could get a protection from abuse order but Rob says she didn’t go through with it.

“She could’ve went after a PFA, but she chose not to because she didn’t want him to lose his job. She didn’t want bad things for Bill, she just wanted him to leave her alone.”

“And ultimately it cost her her life.”

Rob owns Woodside Bar and Grill in Johnstown on Saturday 10-percent of their sales were donated to Amanda’s family amounting, he says, to thousands of dollars.

And he says they’ll be keeping a tip jar at the bar to do whatever he can, to help the family of his dear friend.

“Everybody loved her. She was outgoing, she was extremely fun.”

If you would like to donate the owner says you can stop by Woodside Bar and Grill and leave your donation or you can call in and make a donation over the phone.

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