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Raystown Lake Cleanup Day

The Raystown Army Corps of Engineering is hosting its annual lake cleanup day on Saturday, May 1st.

The day will begin at 8 am at the Tatman boat launch.

Officials say each year approximately 14 hundred pounds of trash is removed from the lake and its shores.

They expect more trash this year due to not being able to host the event last year due to the pandemic.

They are also looking for people with boats to assist in getting around the lake and picking up trash in the coves.

“It’s an important event, all the way around, for fish, turtles, everything that lives out here on the lake to keep them safe. Animals end up eating the trash that’s out there, and it gets stuck in their stomach and their not able
to digest that and they end up dying from that kind of thing.”

Lake officials said that they saw over one and a half million visitors last year.

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