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Ravens vs. Colts

Ravens and Colts in Indy, both teams going in 5-2. Lamar Jackson looking to get his rhythm back after struggling last week against Pittsburgh. Phillip Rivers with a hand off to Jonathan Taylor and he dives over the line into the end zone. Colts take the lead. It’s Taylor again on this play. Against Baltimore’s tough Defense, Marcus Peters forces the fumble. Chuck Clark recovers it and dodges a few Indy Players to take it home. That cuts the lead to three. Rivers not liking that. Colts up 10-7, but not for long though. A Gus Edwards Touchdown and Baltimore leads. Jackson has over 2,300 rushing yards in his career. He adds some more to that with a big Touchdown play. The Ravens win on the road 24-10 and improve to 6-2 on the Season.

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