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Ravens Recap

The Steeler’s division rival Baltimore Ravens out in Houston Today taking on the Texans. Ravens up ten early but the Texans strike back. Deshaun Watson rolls out of the pocket and finds Tight End Darren Fells for the score 10 to seven Ravens.

But the ravens defense would come up big, Watson alludes the rush and finds Kiki Coutee on the busted play, Marlon Humpheries strips the ball and linebacker LJ Fort, a former Steeler and Eagle, scoops it up and rumbles towards the
goal line,dives and he’s in,20-7 Ravens.

Ravens go for it on a fourth and one. Running back Mark Ingram takes the snap out of the wildcat and finds a seam, he’s gone.

Ravens go on to win final in that one 33-16. Ravens improve to 2-0.

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