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Punxsutawney School Lunches

Punxsutawney Area School District officials said life has changed tremendously since the pandemic, one of the biggest aspects is serving school lunch.

Prior to the pandemic, the Superintendent for Punxsutawney Area School District Dr.Thomas Lesniewsky said they would serve breakfast at the high school cafeteria.

Now he said none of the cafeterias are being used in any of the schools.

“Breakfast is grab and go as they get off the bus to go to the classrooms and lunch time we’re delivering lunches to the classrooms K-12 level,” he said.

He said the lunches that are delivered are hot meals that are served on trays.

“We had some minor issues the first two days in both buildings but since then we’ve got things worked out, the time frames and we try to keep the lunches as hot as possible,” said Dr.Lesniewsky.

He said they offer free lunch and breakfast for all of their students.

“We do have some students who are doing our online academy, our in house online academy and we’re trying to work through those regulations now, we might be able to offer those students the ability to come to school to pick up a lunch and a breakfast on the next day,” he said.

Another school district in our area is also adjusting to the pandemic, including expanding their lunch rooms for social distancing.

“We added additional lunch period and placed dividers on all tables. We also have social distancing markers placed on our flooring,” said Jeff Vizza, Superintendent of the Brockway Area School District.

Dr.Lesniewsky said they are working through plans to provide their online students free lunch and breakfast.

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