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PSU Vaxx Faxx

This evening, Penn State’s University Health Services partnered with Vaccinate America to host Vaxx Faxx, a Q&A panel regarding covid vaccines.

Dylan Huberman attended the panel and has more.

The panel consisted of four health specialists, who fielded questions from the audience for about an hour on campus on the types of immunity and more.

The event took place in the Freeman Auditorium at the Hub Wednesday Evening.

Students lined up to deliver questions to the epidemiologist, infectious disease nurse, government health supervisor and medical case manager to get answers about natural immunity…

“One single COVID infection is not adequate protection versus what you can achieve if you get infected and you have vaccine series on top of that.”

Herd immunity

“The person that’s going to be able to tell you when we’ve reached herd immunity, that thing in quotes that you see in headlines, that’s going to be a public health historian that’s going to determine that in 30-40 years.”

And even strategies to move on after covid arguments with friends or family.

“Knowing that you have done everything that you can and that you’ve brought knowledge to the table, and not letting it fall back on your own shoulders that the other person has chosen to make a different choice.”

The Vice President of the organizing student group Vaccinate America Ethan Kronthal says it’s important to educate.

“I know a lot of people personally and what I’ve seen online have a lot of questions and doubts about the vaccine, and so we’re just here to help the community learn more about it.”

And not to impose their will.

“We aren’t here to necessarily push people to get vaccines or force them into it.”

Penn State still strongly encourages all students, faculty and staff to stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters and to share that information with the University.

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