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PSU Vaccine / Mask Rally

Also in coronavirus related headlines debate and controversy continues.

At Penn State discussions are ongoing about what are the best covid prevention policies.

Its one of the hotspots for tracking covid cases Penn State. Today, a different type of protest. Students staff and others urging the university not to mandate any covid restrictions including
vaccinations and wearing masks

For those talking about wanting to get back to normal it certainly is a new normal with new information, or some say disinformation about covid prevention.

“There’s a group of local people absorbing the actual date and horrified at whats going on, we really want to get the word out we’re just regular people looking at unfiltered news”

Members of the Centre County Health Freedom Colaition among those on hand saying vaccination and masking requirements aren’t needed on campus. Penn State does have an indoor masking requirement, but has held off on making vaccinations mandatory. That despite another vocal group whose also held events at Old Main lobbying for a vaccination requirement.

Tuesday Penn State announcing 86 percent of students living on campus are vaccinated.for those living off campus that figure is 78 percent.

The university also says 83 percent of their full time employees at university park,are vaccinated. The latest development being followed closely by Centre County administrators

“Every Tuesday and Thursday when they put that dump of data out on vaccinations,etc.,were watching that closely and giving feedback as we see fit ”

About 57 percent of Centre County adults are now fully vaccinated. 24 New covid cases were reported in the county Tuesday.

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