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PSU Responds To Transgender Bill

After House Bill 972, regarding transgender athletes passed through the Pennsylvania House Education Committee by a 15-9 vote. People around the state started voicing their stance.

Dylan Huberman spoke with Penn Staters’ about the bill Today. And joins us now live, with more on how they feel about it.

While some politicians in Harrisburg may be excited about the Fairness In Women’s Sports Act, it’s safe to say that some in Happy Valley don’t share their optimism.

“The message it sends is one that queer identities aren’t respected, that they are less than and that they shouldn’t be talked about.”

The University released a statement to us saying quote

“Penn State Athletics is engaged in dialogue with our many coaches and student athletes, as well as with relevant collegiate bodies, as part of our dedication to the principles of equity, fairness and inclusion for everyone involved programs. These difficult decisions are best left to the athletics governing bodies, rather than in the hands of elected officials who could create a confusing patchwork of state laws.”

The latter sentiment is shared by the director of the school’s Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity.

“It needs to be…examined from a more scientific standpoint than it does with regard to law.”

And some students say those calling the shots here shouldn’t be.

“In my personal opinion, you really can’t represent your constituents in experiences you may not have gone through yourself.”

Muggs Leone, who identifies as Queer and goes by he/they pronouns, says nobody is changing their gender for a competitive advantage.

“Transgender people aren’t transitioning so that they can have a biological or genetic advantage over their gender group. That’s not why people are transitioning. People transition because they identify differently than how they were assigned at birth.”

And Wilmoth, who coached college softball for nearly twenty years, says skill is more important than muscle.

“The way you’re able to perform a technique can be the difference between winning and losing in seconds.”

O’Toole says Lia Thomas, the transgender college swimmer who recently won a race against cisgender women and reignited this discussion, should be championed not exiled.

“I can’t even imagine what she’s going through and I find her incredibly inspiring and as I try to check my place and privileges in society, I want to be nothing but a support for her cause.”

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