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PSU In Person Fall Classes

As Penn State students and staff plan to head back to campus classes this Fall

Will they have an added assignment directly tied to the covid pandemic?

Penn State like many colleges and universities planning a return to campus activities this Fall with in person classes. But does that mean students,staff and faculty should have covid
vaccinations before returning to campus.

The Penn State faculty senate, during a special meeting Wednesday, is expected to discuss that question. College of Liberal Arts faculty proposing this resolution, calling for those
returning to campus in the Fall to have proof of vaccination. Among other reasons,they cite the university requirement for immunizations against measles, mumps and rubella. When Governor
Tom Wolf during his lets all get immunized tour visited Penn State last week, we asked if he plans to make covid vaccinations a requirement for colleges this Fall.

“No, no, not at all”

Tuesday, an administrator at Mt Nittany Health reporting they’ve completed more than 42 thousand vaccinations so far in Centre County

“We have seen demand for vaccinations soften,and I’m sure many of you have seen similar stories across the country.its a cause for concern, we want to get that rate higher here in the
county because its a critical part of getting us back to normal”

The state health department confirms, last week for the first time the supply of covid vaccine in Pennsylvania was greater than the demand.

The Penn State administration has said so far they’re studying the issue whether students,staff and faculty should be required to get vaccinations before returning for Fall semester.

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