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PSU Has Become the State COVID-19 Hotspot

At Penn State the university reporting an additional 458 COVID-19 cases at the University Park Campus.

These come as the department of health opened a free testing clinic just a few miles away.

And as Gary Sinderson reports, people were lined up early at the clinic.

The 458 cases reported by Penn State thats the additional cases, just since the last report on Tuesday. bringing the number of positive COVID-19 cases reported at Penn State since early August to 2,123. But the university lists
just over 13 hundred of those cases as being no longer active. Penn State President Eric Barron earlier this week, explaining despite the continued increase in positive cases why student aren’t being sent home

“The state and federal health departments have told us not to send student home,its better to keep them here at this controlled environment”

Also Friday, this Department Of Health pop up COVID-19 testing clinic opening in the parking lot of the Nittany Mall. Its a free clinic open to anyone who feels the need to be tested. There’s concerns about the growing number of Penn State cases impacting those in nearby communities. Penn State says it aware of those concerns.

“The focus is on the cases at University Park, but were working with the health department in expanding testing and contact tracing here in Centre County”

The testing clinic at the Nittany Mall also open Saturday, and several days next week. Meanwhile according to the health department reporting the Penn State cases have made Centre County the state’s top COVID-19 Hotspot.

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