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PSU Game Day

It’s Penn States first home game since last season, college game day is in town, and it’s Halloween weekend. All of this happening while strict COVID-19 protocols are still in place, right here in downtown State College.

No fans in the stands, no tailgates, and no college gameday celebrations.

It’s not your typical Nittany Lion game day here in State College but students are still out and about.

Several large gatherings of up to 300 people took place during last weeks away game for the Nittany Lions. State College police department say they have worked all week trying to identify some of the party-goers who did not follow the boroughs mask and social distancing ordinance. Officials say they were already able to identify 42 of 60 people whose pictures were sent out in a previous press release.

“There have been citations issued since the beginning of the year for hosts sponsored gatherings… none have been anywhere near the magnitude of these past three. They have all been house parties that have been caught violating the occupancy limits that have been established by the covid-19 mitigation ordinance.”

As for Today’s game day, officers tell me they will continue to patrol the area for violators. They say they are treating this game day like any other. With extra patrolling. They are receiving assistance from Penn State police, surrounding municipalities police, and State Police will also be in the area.

“Going forward it’s going to be the same thing; you may not get caught in the act of doing something like this but there will be follow ups.”

State College police say they have contacted the apartment complexes from last weeks parties to ask them to block off large common areas. To avoid any issues again this week. But another concern comes from outsiders traveling into town. Both university president Eric Barron and head football coach James Franklin have asked alumni not to take the trip. Officers say they will respond to any calls they receive about large gatherings.

And violators will face citations.

“If it’s something you’re not comfortable with, first of all don’t attend, get away from it, and then contact the police and they can investigate.”

Businesses downtown are still at only 50% capacity, and excessive lines outside are forbidden, so some students are out just trying to find somewhere to watch the game.

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