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PSU COVID Protocols

Alliance fo Liberty is going to be hosting a panel discussion titled Science Uncensored, What You Need to Know About COVID, but haven’t been told it’s going to be held on March third at the Russian Baptist Church in Ferguson Township.

And as the group calls an attempt to urge Penn State into relaxing their COVID protocols, Dylan Huberman spoke to someone from the organization and officials in Center County to hear more.

The event was initially going to be held on campus before the Lions for Liberty chose to move it off campus. But a spokesperson for the group still hopes school officials attend.

“We invite all of the university administration to this. We’ve sent out invitations, so we’re looking forward to seeing their presence there as well.”

The panel will feature these three people, and a spokesperson for the group says the event’s purpose is to question the dialog defining the status quo of COVID 19.

“We want to have the opportunity to see science as a method and not just an outcome, and stick to the process of the scientific method, as it suggests. When people embrace the latter where we can’t question the science, then we have wholly inappropriate right to oppose them.”

However, Center County Commissioner Michael Pipe disagrees with that line of thinking and says he’s far from thrilled to see this event happen.

“It’s tough for me to say that I support them being here. I think it certainly is their first Amendment right, but I think at the end of the day, that’s really unfortunate that we still have people who are questioning this in such a gracious way. But I think that in light of everything, there would be better spent promoting the vaccine.”

But like all of us, he too wants to see things move towards normalcy.

“We’re all on the same page where we want to find an end to this, and we want to roll back some of the mitigation efforts and get back to life as it was”

Ultimately scrapped, says opinions are for the audience to form, and the panel is meant to guide discussion.

“We’re going to leave the conclusions to our audience. Our goal is simply to give a full spectrum of evidence, scrutiny and science inquiry a platform. We want to give these people a place and a space to hear the science uncensored and to come back and make their own conclusions.”

The university says that because the event is not on campus, no funds are being used to host it, so the university is not involved in it.

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