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PSU 2021 Fall Attendance

They’re getting ready to graduate this weekend at Penn State but at the opposite end of the college experience ,how many are signing up to begin classes at the university. During the past year, some students waiting longer to decide, or maybe, they need to stay closer to home. Just a month ago, at a state senate hearing, Penn State President Eric Barron talking about the state of incoming and returning students for fall semester

“We have a lot of students at University Park who are sitting on the fence,we talk to them we know that they’re kinda looking to see what might happen during this phase.”

But now, a dramatic change.Barron reporting Thursday Penn State now has over 162 thousand applications from first year students thats up by more than 15 percent over last year. Applications to University Park up by 17 percent, and for the university’s ,remote, world campus the applications up by nearly 30 percent. Barron telling a university trustee committee Thursday morning its a sign of a good recovery.

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