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Prom 2021 Is a Go

This time last year high schoolers in our area started to hear the words ‘canceled’ of ‘going virtual’ for major life events like prom and graduation due to the pandemic. Will students miss out on those memories again this year? School district officials say no.

High school seniors and even juniors can head out to buy a prom dress or rent a tux as many school districts in Cambria County say prom is on.

“I’ve been in contact with every principal in Cambria County and other close areas as well and everyone’s doing things a little bit differently. We want to make it as normal as we possibly can for the kids,” said Tim Regan the principal at Richland High School.

Richland High School will have a combined Senior and Junior prom this year but it will be different than years past. Principal Regan says everyone must wear a mask and to keep capacity down Seniors can invite anyone under 21-years-old, Juniors can only invite a fellow Junior or Senior from the school. Dancing also won’t be allowed at prom as Regan says it would be impossible to social distance all the kids, who don’t seem to mind.

“I mean I love dancing and everything so I’ll be a little sad that’s not part of it but honestly I’m just really happy that we’re getting to have this experience,” said Emma Richards a Senior at Richland High School.

Richland’s prom will be more of a formal sit-down dinner that gives students the chance to dress up and get together for the night. Smaller school districts like Conemaugh Valley though will allow dancing at prom if students wear masks.

“We got a facility that has a bigger capacity cause it’s labeled as an outdoor facility but it still has the dance floor inside so that allows us to open the capacity more so that way more people can come,” said Taylor Price a Junior at Conemaugh Valley High School.

School officials say details of prom could change as restrictions in the state are constantly changing, but the one thing they hope doesn’t happen is having to cancel the night again this year.

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