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Possible Repeating School Year

There’s no denying it was a challenging school year which is why the state legislature is considering a bill that would give parents the option of having their child repeat a year.

Haleigh Dibetta caught up with some local parents and students to see if they feel ready to tackle next year.

“Everyday I would wake up check my email ”

She could have gone to school but Saffron Barret’s parents wanted her freshman year to be online. COVID-19 spreading meant they wanted to keep her and her younger sister home.

“On one hand it was kind of nice to be able to focus on just my work and not have to worry about what time was left in the period or other kids being disruptive”

The sisters traded their desks in their Richland School District classrooms for the kitchen table at home.

Worksheet after worksheet from one online assignment to the next this was their new day to day

Same goes for Colton and Wes Vickory they’re in the Richland School District, too

Their mom chose to homeschool them with a lesson plan different from the district’s.

“It wasn’t easy it was hard and i say that humbly but we learned so much. I learned so much about how they learn, their learning styles and I learned a lot about myself ”

Yes, the different families took different paths to schooling last year but each parent says their children are ready for the next school year.

“My middle son wes when he tested with our homeschool evaluator he tested two grade levels where he’s at”

“Definitely they’re ready they ended the school year with grades that reflect what they did grades that are very similar to last year and the year before”

“I do feel ready and it will be nice seeing all my friends again”


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