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Port Matilda DUI Arrest Update

More now on a story we first brought to you in March.

The Port Matilda Borough Council continues to hold meetings at a different location after authorities say a man crashed his truck into the borough building.

Council President Mark Lively saying Today they’re looking for a more permanent space rather than utilizing the firehouse along Plank Road.

State police say Will Bracken drove his pickup truck over the train tracks and rammed into the building wall on March 17th while people were still inside.

Lively told us at the time nobody was injured.

State police charged bracken for DUI.

Livel tells us the situation will hopefully be sorted out by the end of the year.

Until then, the Port Matilda Volunteer Fire Company is letting them use a backroom for meetings.

Lively says they’re trying to make best out of a bad situation. But says that no permanent space means more expenses to accommodate remote work.

They will held a meeting tonight at 7 o’clock about the damaged building.

They hold meetings the first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month.

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