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Plant a Tree at Flight 93 Event

This past weekend in Shanksville, Volunteers laid down new life during the annual Plant a Tree at Flight 93 event at the Flight 93 National Memorial. Dozens of people gathered Saturday morning at the Memorial in Shanksville to plant hundreds of trees, all to symbolize new life and to remember the lives of those who passed in the tragic event.

This is the 3rd year Denise and Michael Munson of Pittsburgh traveled to the Flight 93 National Memorial to plant trees. Michael Munson saying: “You come here to plant trees, but then you’re here to memorialize some real American heroes that protected the things that we stand for.” They brought about 20 friends along, planting about 700 trees in the ground to remember the heroes of Flight 93 and to remember their own daughter, who they lost in 2013.

Denise and Michael were among the thousands of volunteers who have been planting trees here for over a decade. Its part of a reforestation effort that started in 2012, with a goal of planting 150,000 seedlings over the Memorial’s landscape. In the past few days, volunteers have spread over 14,600 seedlings.

To learn more, visit Friends of Flight 93.

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