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Plans For Old Centre Crest Building

We have an update on a story we continue to follow out of Centre County concerning the future of a former nursing home.

The county still owns the building.

As Gary Sinderson reports the question of how best to give the old facility a new use is drawing suggestions.

Centre County Centre Crest future ideas. Tuesday, a fathers plea talking about his daughter’s mental health struggles and run ins with the law

“But she broke probation by having a relapse of a disease. Centre County’s only option is jail, name me any other disease where a relapse will put you in jail”

Chris Potalivo suggesting that some room in the now vacant, former Centre Crest nursing home could be used for mental health services. County administrators awaiting a consultants report on the building- and ideas for future use. They’re already hearing from the public

“And I think because we had it so long as health care facility, people are thinking of keeping that. so the top three options we’ve heard from veterans, and drug therapy, and mental health”

Centre crest is located in Bellefonte

“Several years ago borough council rezoned the property. we are going to have to work very closely with them outside of traditional ideas like an office building”

In lobbying for expanding mental health facilities, Potalivo talks about tragedy of Osaze Osagie, killed at his State College apartment as police attempted to serve him with a mental health warrant

“Possibly the Osagie tragedy could have been averted if the family had a safe and secure facility that he could of resided in with proper supervision”

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