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Pittsburgh Pirates Season Opener

Opening day across Major League Baseball we thought that would be the headline of the day but before a pitch was thrown in St Louis as the Pirates opened up the season on the road the team made a major move to keep one of its brightest stars in Pittsburgh for a long long time

Promising young third baseman Kebryan Hayes inked an 8 year deal worth a reported $70 million which is extremely affordable and will help the Buccos build for the future hard to believe given the fact that the Pirates have had the likes of Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole come up through the farm system

But this deal is the largest contract agreement in franchise history hayes is the son of former Major League Charlie Hayes and was a first rounder back in 2015 Hayes entered 2022 hitting .280 in 120 career games

And is known for his stout defense at the hot corner last year hayes was limited to 96 games with a wrist ailment but lets hope the future stays bright for baseball in the Steel City.

Pirates season opener at the St Louis Cardinals

Hayes fresh off the largest contract in Pirates history first game and he left early with a left hand injury talk about disappointing first hitter of the game it drops in hayes looked at and had to leave

One nothing cards lead bottom two pair of runners on Tyler O’Neil see ya 4-0

Bottom 8. Seven nothing St Louis Nolan Arenado joins the party with a two run shot

Pirates fall 9-0

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