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Pittsburgh Penguins News

Don’t look now, but the Pittsburgh Penguins entered tonight, absolutely rolling in while the game just went final. They continued rolling their now winner of four straight and just one goal yielded in the three heading into tonight, where they gave up one goal tonight.

So they have now given up two goals in the last four games. All wins. Now tonight the pens came back home against Vancouver Canucks. The power play got a few goals on that. Tristan Jarry playing his best hockey of the year, Sidney Crosby up the speed and the return of star staff.

Evgeni Malkin could be around the horizon here, Coach Mike Sullivan before the game.

“Put a date out there, because then what happens is as if we don’t meet that date, everybody speculates and it just it just creates
I think it’s not productive from from my standpoint. So we have an idea of when when we think we’re going to get them back, we’ll see how we will see how he progresses here as he gets closer. But what I can’t tell you is, is that we’re very encouraged with the progress that he’s made.”

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