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Pitt Wins the Backyard Brawl

ESPN College Game Day was in Pittsburgh for the Backyard Brawl

Pitt scored field goal on 2nd possession West Virginia’s Bryce Ford-Wheaton used his size advantage for first TD of the night Wheaton a problem 2 TD’s

Pitt trailing by 4 this could have been a pivotal play Bub Means fumbles Mountaineers recover

But then West Virginia would lose the ball to Pitt’s Erick Hallet recovers slam dunk play by the defense

Pitt Panthers use that turnover for 7 Rodney Hammond Jr punches one in Hammond 74 yards 2 scores on the night

Special teams made several big plays on both teams Mountaineer huge play here blocked the punt nearly scores

West Virginia uses the turnover for 7 as well Cj Donaldson takes lead

This game lived up to the hype a high scoring affair hometown product Mj Devon-Shire sealed the game last year against Carolina did it again with the pick 6

Pitt wins the Backyard Brawl 38-31

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