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Pitt Panthers Are ACC Coastal Champs

It is indeed a victory Monday for the Pittsburgh Panthers coming out the big win over Virginia at home. Pitt achieved their first goal of securing the ACC’s Coastal Division. That means the Panthers are onto the ACC Championship game.

Opponent is still to be decided that Narduzzi was asked to reflect on what it means to have achieved this success and how much of it they have so far this season being ranked and all that well.

“It’s not really something you can use to recruit unless you finish off and make good on the high rankings, and the success during the regular season doesn’t mean much, and he’s going to continue to keep his Panthers grounded.

“It doesn’t mean anything. You know, we want to win a championship. We don’t want to win a coastal division, so that’s our goals and rankings don’t mean anything.
You tell me what they matter at the end of the year, if you say at the end of the year, you’re in the top 20 or top ten or top five, whatever it is, that means something. But until the end of the year, it really doesn’t mean anything.”

“You guys tell me the weekly rate rankings don’t. What do they mean? I mean, you see organs up there, number four, you know? And again, they’re down. You know, you can go down. You can say it’s up there, they’re down, you know?
So I mean, it doesn’t matter. You know where you are mid-season, the end of the day.”

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