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Pitt / Duke Recap

Terrific display for the Pitt offense Saturday in the win over the Duke Blue Devils on the road, the Panthers racked up 54 points and what’s become par for the course? That’s Kenny Pickett star quarterback, one of the nation’s best signal callers, one for another pedestrian, 416 yards and three touchdowns in that dominating when we’ve come to expect that now.

But when we dig a little deeper into the numbers, Panthers went nine of 14 on third down and reached the 30 total first downs. 636 total yards of offense. But the key just might be the fact that they racked up 220 yards on the ground.

That was good for five point to a tote. That’s big because being able to balance the run and the pass as they move forward is going to lead to a lot of success given how potent the passing attack is.

So that sets up the tremendous matchup Thursday night. North Carolina, a team that just hung 50 plus on previous undefeated Wake Forest, Pat Narduzzi said there could be some scouts there, but it doesn’t affect these kids.

“When you get to see them up close and in and watch them compete in just, you know, when you know, when the camera turns away, you don’t see all the in-between stuff, you don’t see how he’s acting on the sideline. So there’s all those, you know, I mean, scouts are looking after, you know, after series overs, your quarterback talk to the receivers, is he, you know, look it up in the stands, you know, signing autographs.”

“What’s he doing? I mean, they want to see all that. Who is he? Not only he’s a football player, but as a person. I mean, everything’s on display. You know, people are at the game. Whether it’s, you know, ESPN people games, it doesn’t matter. I mean, you know, the make the microscope is on all of our kids.”

Given that odd 730 kick off, all eyes will be on the Steel City, the Panthers get in North Carolina again, North Carolina just beat Wake, so not someone or some opponent that should be taken lightly.


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