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Pitt Could Win ACC Title

And on the south side of the city of Pittsburgh, the Panthers have a pretty simple scenario for the Saturday showdown with Virginia. They win. They win the ACC Coastal and get a berth in the ACC Championship

Quarterback Kenny Pickett, now Heisman contender legit prospect to be perhaps the first quarterback off the board next year’s NFL draft.

Remember, he came back for a fifth year, didn’t go to the draft last year for this exact same scenario. He’s seen tremendous growth in the offense in his time, of which he credits mostly the offensive coordinator.

“But in the off season, he’s watching all these other offenses, he’s watching the offenses in the NFL all sit down and be like, OK, you know, we have Lucas, you know, watch Travis Kelsey on, we have Jordan watch Tyreek Hill here, you know, we think we can do this.
So it’s all. He’s never stayed the same. He’s always looking to add things. He’s always looking to take things from other offenses that we think we can implement and make our brother. I think that’s what makes him such a great coach. You know, a lot coaches are stuck in their ways, but he’s a guy that’s always adapting, always learning new things. And, you know, I respect the times that.”


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