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Pirates vs. Marlins Game 3

Game Three of the Series between the Marlins and Pirates on Saturday.

In the Bottom of the 2nd with Runners on 2nd and 3rd, Adam Frazier singles and the Pirates take an early 2-0 lead. But then the Marlins took over. They lead by 3 in the Bottom of the 8th, but things unfold for Miami late in this ball game. Bases loaded, Marlins Pitcher Anthony Bender walks Newman and Hayes scores. Then Ka’ai Tom is hit by a pitch. Reynolds scores and the bases are still full. Michael Perez takes the plate. He’s able to get on First by an error. Polanco scores and now Kevin Newman comes flying from 2nd and ties this Game at 5.

They were tied at 6 after 9 Innings, so here we are in the Bottom of the 10th. Marlins have a chance to Win, but Polacno hits a sacrifice fly ball for Jacob Stallings on Third and we are tied again.

In the 12th Inning with Runners on the corners, Stallings call the ball game. The Pirates Win 8-7 in a comeback Win that lasted 12 Innings.

The Series Finale is Sunday at 1pm. The Pirates have a chance to sweep the Series. It would be their first sweep this Season.

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