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Pirates Update

It’s been a beautiful Easter Sunday and the only thing that made this day a little better was all the baseball happening and knowing it’s back in full swing after the year we’ve had

Pirates at the Cubs for the final one in Chicago this week

Bucs traling 3 nothing in the top of the third Colin Moran at the plate send this one high down the left side for a home run Bryan Reynolds scores a run from second so the Pirates start closing in on that margin

Top of the 8th two run game Phillip Evans singles to right Bryan Reynolds scores again 3-4 Cubs still up

But that would be all she wrote Pirates lose by 1 run they started the season with a win but then lost the next two in Chicgao

So they are finished in the Windy City for now next they head to Cinncinati for their next four games first two are Monday and Tuesday both at 6:40 then the Pirates will open up at home with the Cubs Thursday Afternoon.

That’s something to look forward to throughout the week

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