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PIAA Shuts Down Again

In the wake of Governor Wolf’s mitigation efforts which go into effect Saturday and will last through January 4th. There is a huge impact on the path forward for the PIAA and sports as a whole.

Starting this Saturday all extracurricular activities from youth through high school are put on hold until January 4th. And at this point who knows if that will be lifted once we get closer to the three week period’s end.

Winter sports were set to begin Friday but thats a moot point. But what we do know specifically for the PIAA, winter sports just cant start right up once the mitigation is potentially lifted and teams resume practicing.

Unless the PIAA approves an amendment to this

PIAA rules require teams to have 15 practices in before they begin games, and the organization passed new measures regarding how long teams must practice if shut down due to COVID on Wednesday.

If a team misses more than seven consecutive days of practice due to a school closure, it will need to have two practices before it resumes competitions.

Teams will need to get in three practices if they miss more than 10 consecutive days and four practices if they miss more than 14 consecutive days.

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