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Phillipsburg Santa Returns

A familiar sign of the holiday season has returned in Centre County, it is due to a group of dedicated community volunteers and some added help this year after some setbacks last year.
It is among the most iconic holiday displays in the region,

“But just that if you’re in town, stop by and see Santa”

That’s the mayor of Phillipsburg with a grandson. Among those on hand this past weekend to see the annual set up of the Big Santa display at the Coldstream Dam Park in Phillipsburg
just after Thanksgiving here. Usually the questions begin about Santa’s return.

“Now that’ll be what took so long. We didn’t. We weren’t sure it was coming. It’s a matter of getting the volunteers in order and making sure it’s OK.”

Making sure it’s OK. This year did take extra work. The display is plywood, even the nearly 40 foot tall Santa.

It was first created by local artist Bill Adams back in the 1960s based on a Christmas card. It goes together like a jigsaw puzzle, with volunteers and others doing the heavy lifting.

Last year, though, vandalism heavily damaged the toy soldiers and lighting display.

New soldiers were created with help from students at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center,

“And they actually have the big table type machine. It cuts them out in one solid piece”

with their assistance, and after several hours of work, Santa Claus is back in town.

I”t’s a great feeling. You know, it’s now it’s Christmastime”

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