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Pentagon Warnings

At this hour more than half a million refugees have fled Ukraine as talks between Russian and Ukrainian Delegations have ended now, the Pentagon is warning that Russian forces are creeping closer to the Ukrainian Capital of Kyiv

Melisa Raney has the latest.

Air raid sirens becoming a part of everyday life in the Ukrainian Capital of Kyiv.

Explosions destroying dormitory and residential buildings Monday Afternoon

Crude metal spikes surrounded by two walls of tires have been laid down across the main road into Enerhodar, Ukraine

As outmanned and outgunned Ukrainians put their lives on the line in towns across the country in attempts to stop the deadly advancement of Russian forces.

Some people even using themselves to block roadways as they face heavy Russian artillery coming their way..

“The Russians have not only experienced a stiff and determined resistance by the Ukrainians but logistics and sustainment problems of their own.”

Despite this, the pentagon is warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin has significant combat power idling by

“He still has a lot that he hasn’t moved into Ukraine You want to talk about escalation, let’s talk about escalation. Mr. Putin is the one escalating this and continues to do so.”

One sign of that Putin has now ordered Russian deterrence forces, which includes nuclear arms, on high alert

“We’ve seen Mr. Putin’s announcement, um, we believe it’s as unnecessary as it is escalatory.”

The White House says it wants to reduce the rhetoric and deescalate after Putin’s nuclear deterrence move

“Everybody knows that that is not a war that can be won.”

“Mr. President, should Americans be worried about nuclear war?”



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