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Pens Rangers

Pens hosting the Rangers, New York scored quick to start things off but the Pens scored rapidly

Kasperi Kapenan gives it to Jake Marino, Evan Rodgrigues set a screen to block the goal tenders sight for the Marino goal

Not even 40 seconds later Kapenan gets the break away puts the puck at the top of the net for the 2-1 lead

Still in the first period the captain Sidney Crosby showing off his speed not only if he fast on the ice but watch his wrists how quick he snaps his them to send this puck flying and that third goal made the Rangers call for a change in the net. Keith Kenkaid replaces Alexander Georgiev

The second period pretty quiet so we’ll jump ahead to the third Kapenan using his speed gives to Evegani Malkin who speedy to put it in the net

Here’s Teddy Bluger in the next speed round fires it to Zach Ashton Reese the first try is no good but the put back refs reviewed it and the goal stood

Pens win 5-1

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