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Pennsylvania Farmshow

“This year when I was applying, I had full sights set on the fact that hopefully I would get the scholarship.”

Ten of the fifteen scholarship recipients attend Penn State University’s college of agricultural sciences. Including Mikara Anderson.

“I put my best foot forward in the application, and be authentic and explain my passions for agriculture, and the farm show, and my experiences.”

The scholarship recipients embody the farm shows theme this year of cultivating tomorrow. The foundations total was over 52 thousand, meaning every recipient was awarded 35 hundred dollars.

“Now that I have the scholarship, it’s going towards my tuition at Penn State obviously college is not cheap and any amount of money that helps to offset that cost is just incredible.”

She says growing up in Huntingdon County and working on her grandfathers dairy farm really helped shape her future goals.

“I have just been surrounded around animal agriculture and production agriculture my whole life I really loved being on the farm and all the lessons I was learning and the responsibilities that I had.”

She became more involved with the Pennsylvania Farmshow, and leading her in the direction of her college major, animals

“High school and into college I developed a sheep flock of my own and I just have been super involved with everything that goes on with my operation. And I just realized I loved all the people in production agriculture I love the small details of the job.”

Although this years farm show is very different from ever before, Anderson still encourages everyone to get involved, virtually.

“Although I much rather be there in person, trying to get through the crowds of people and waiting in line for a farm show milkshake, If you have a chance to join any of the sessions or the activities that are going on I highly encourage you to because even though we cant be in person, I still feel like I am attended the farm show as I am participating in some of those experiences.”

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