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Penn State Testing

The Fall Semester at Penn State has been full of changes. In-person classes ended right after Thanksgiving break, but have those changes helped mitigate the spread on Campus? Although Penn State’s in-person classes have ended, testing still continues on Campus, and just this past week they have had 47 new positives: 43 students and 4 employees tested positive, according to Penn State’s COVID-19 dashboard.

With rising cases across the State, Health Leaders are even more concerned with local hospitals. A Mount Nittany Medical Center spokesperson said in November they had a total of 117 COVID-19 patients ranging from ages 20 to 97. 20-years-old being the age of a typical College Student. Dr. Rachel Levine emphasizing the possible State-wide shortage of ICU beds effects people of all ages, College Students included.

University Officials say they suspended random surveillance testing until the start of the Spring Semester, and because of that, less administered tests overall. Although, the Campus still has seen a slight increase in cases this past week. They now have a total of almost 5,000 positives since the start of the Fall Semester, and currently, 54 active cases. 3 of those cases in quarantine and 3 in isolation.

Officials want Students to know resources are available for those who need them. They still offer walk up testing sites. In-person classes are set to return on January 19th, but at this time officials still have not released a plan for pre-arrival testing. Due to the known lag in data from Penn State to the Department of Health, some of these positives will show up in Centre County’s updates next week.

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