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Penn State Season Begins

Big Ten Football is back this weekend and Penn State faces off against Indiana Saturday at 3:30. There’s been a lot of changes made to the Conference and Penn State is gearing up as the Big Ten gets ready for an 8 Game Conference-only Season. But the shorter Season isn’t the only difference we’re seeing due to the Pandemic. In addition to increased testing taking a Data-Driven Approach to practices and games and cardiac screening, if a Student-Athlete tests positive for COVID-19 they must wait 21 days before playing again. There will be no tailgates and no fans filling stadiums, outside of the Players’ families. However, the families are asked to wear masks, social distance, and get tested before attending games to avoid any outbreaks.

As a whole, the Teams will have to depend on each other to have high energy and Coach James Franklin says that’s exactly what his Team has. The return of football is also beneficial for businesses in Happy Valley which rely on the Season to bring revenue in. Now, many of them welcoming fans in at limited capacity to get food while watching the game on TV.

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