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Penn State Lawsuit

There are times when tailgating can get a bit out of hand before college football games and during those times police presence is needed.

But sometimes it can get a bit over the top and now Penn State. Its police department. And the state police are now being sued.

During a 2018 home game against Ohio State both the University and State Police were dispatched to handle a rowdy crowd before the night game a low flying helicopter stirred up plenty of debris and police on horseback ruffled through the crowd causing several injuries.

Last Thursday William and Cathleen Deegan filed a negligence and assault lawsuit against PSU.

According to the lawsuit William was kicked in the head by the horse and suffered a collapsed lung to go along with several other injuries.

They claim the authorities were not properly trained for these matters after the incident.

The school discontinued their use of helicopters and 5 men were charged after an investigation the amount the couple is seeking is not known at this time

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