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Penn State Injury Update

As we prepare for Penn State, Illinois, this weekend, we’ve spent a lot of attention, rightfully so, to who will be under center in the quarterback position, but perhaps lost in that is the fact that P.J. Mustifer the talented defensive lineman is out for the season.

Looking back, he was injured on this running play on the first drive of the game with Iowa. That was a knee and he did not return would leave on crutches and over the bye week, James Franklin confirmed that Mustifer will not return.

This season leaves a huge void both on the field for his talent and off the field with his leadership. He is a captain, Jaquan Brisker and Jesse Luke to both acknowledge that very fact. Right now it hurts and they’re going to need people to step up in his absence.

Oh, you know, just having the next player, you know, step up mentality, you know, the next day lineman or whoever that is more had to step up and play a bigger role and fill that gap, you know, because P.J., you know, he’s a great leader, a great player.

But at the same time, you know, he is next man up mentality, you know, start off with me personally, you know, succeed a guy like P.J., go down, you know, just knowing how much he’s invested, you know, his leadership.

And it’s this is a thrill being able to play beside him. You know, we call them the babies or losing their sons, but it also presents so much more opportunity for the guys in the room. Oh, we’re excited.

We have a standard. You know, I feel like we’ve been we’ve been consistent with that week to week. Doesn’t matter who is going to be, you know, in the rotation with this standard is the standard we’re going to continue to be.


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