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Penn Highlands Community College Ribbon Cutting

Today was the celebration of the reopening of the Ebensburg Penn Highlands Community College Center.

College officials and the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce are excited for expansion and what the future holds.

The ribbon is cut and Penn Highlands Community College is ready to start anew here in Ebensburg by refurbishing and revitalizing the long-established campus.

“We have a fabulous new facility, we are purchasing new furniture for student use and we have new marketing. It was really a win-win for us and the students.” says President of the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce Dr. Steve Nunez

With the remolding, they hope to expand their reach.

“We always want to make sure we have this physical presence and serve this community as best we can. We believe that the Ebensburg campus can serve not only Ebensburg, but a lot of the northern portion of this county. We hope to drive more traffic from the northern part of Cambria county to the Ebensburg center.” said Nunez

As education as changed due to the pandemic, the Ebensburg campus wants to showcase the quality education that students can receive here.

State Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr. says: “This corridor is really exploding with growth opportunities and we hope to capture other students from different geographic areas. Now at a time when we are coming out of this pandemic, and witnessing how education is re-purposing itself, we are seeing students that may be uncertain of what they want to do. This is the perfect place and landing spot for them to come and get a quality education.”

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