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Paul Ross Retrial Day 8 Recap

Thursday marked Day 8 of the Paul Ross Retrial and while the Court got off to a later start, the first Witness took the entire morning for his Testimony. Before the Jury entered, President Judge Elizabeth Doyle said at the beginning of the day you can’t predict a trial, and this one has gone in unusual ways.

After days of Witness Testimonies from Scientist and Forensics Experts talking about the evidence, the Primary Investigator from the 2004 case, Trooper David Aiello took the stand Thursday. Trooper Aiello was working that day Tina Miller’s body was discovered in Canoe Creek State Park. He also led most of the interviews relating to the case with Paul Ross. He mostly reiterated his testimony from the 2005 Trial and talked about the location of the body, the evidence found at the scene, what Ross initially told him about that night, and the distance from Ross’s house to where Miller’s body was found, which led State Police to file charges against Ross 92 days after the murder.

However, when cross examined by Defense Attorney Thomas Dickey, Trooper Aiello says he never recorded on any of his interviews with Ross because Ross never gave consent. The Court talked about the potential credibility of another Witness who once testified, but now is refusing and making that knowledge public to the Jury.

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