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Patton Twp. Mask Ordinance

Last week, Payton Township joined the Borough of State College by instituting a mask ordinance to combat the coronavirus.

Dylan Huberman spoke with Payton Township managers to hear why they made that move.

“We’ve seen a sharp, sharp rise in the number of cases, new cases that are being reported.”

“We’re in the Upper Hunreds now in Center County on a daily basis. So I think that created some concern. And since we’re a major shopping area for the for the region, we thought it was
incumbent upon us to take some action.”

Despite cases finally starting to go in the right direction, Patton Township decided to take an abundance of caution while it’s looking good.

UPMC infectious diseases specialist Dr. John Goldman says masking undoubtedly remains effective.

“We have no transmission within the hospital When people are wearing simple surgical masks so people can debate whether masks work or don’t work. We but we have a really good track record
of keeping people safe by having to wear them.”

And he says it doesn’t have to be a and 95 or N95.

“I personally, if I can, as long as I can get a hold of it, I wear my surgical mask. I don’t usually wearing N95 mask unless embedded into a patient’s room. There are two reasons for that
one a poorly fitted and 95 mask is probably actually a little worse than a surgical mask. And two, I think it’s more important to wear the mask frequently.”

Erickson says the ordinance is designed to educate, not punish.

“For the most part, use this as an educational opportunity. We do have the ability to find people if need be, but at any first encounters will definitely be educational.”

And on that note, Dr. Goldman says that the need for masking may not be long term.

“So I think that once we get to the stage where this is now an endemic disease, most people have immunity. Masks will not be necessary,”

Erickson says Patent Township is prepared when that point comes.

“We’ve set a repeal provision in here for when the number of case new new cases are reported. Drops below the substantial transmission threshold set by the Centers for Disease Control”


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